How to Join the Atomgrad Raid in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2


In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, players experience various game modes, and one of them is raids added to the Season 1: Reloaded update.
The Atom grad raid continues the narrative of Modern Warfare 2, and you will need to get the Raid task to start this mission.
Here’s how to join the attogray raid in Call of Duty MW2.

How to get a raid task in Modern Warfare 2

The Atom grad raid is part of the joint missions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. To play in this game mode, you need to purchase the MW2 basic game or Vault Edition, as it is not available in the free version of War zone 2. You also need to purchase a raid task A
There are also two friends to unite for the Atom grad raid.
There are no players’ selection system in raids, and only one player in the team should have a raid task.
Each raid task lasts one week, and you need to get this key again to play atom grad.
The raid task can be obtained in the following ways.
End the top-20 in any mode of Battle Royale from the playlist War zone 2
Extracting to the fourth chopper with $30,000 in cash in the demilitarized War zone 2 zone
Completion of specific daily problems in MW2 CO-OP or network game
After you get a raid task, invite two friends to a party and activate the contract in the upper right corner of the lobby screen.
You can also choose a set of a doctor, scout or attack aircraft before standing in line on the raid.
Two new raids are available: Atom grad EP.
01 and veteran atom grad EP.
01. You can earn three stars for both of these raids, having completed each less than 40 minutes in Modern Warfare 2.
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