This Streamer Always Comes Up With Insane Ideas On How To Prove Her Skills In Elden Ring

One of the most anticipated games in recent years is From software’s Elden Ring. It’s notoriously tough, and it doesn’t take much to frustrate even the most seasoned players. With this in mind, Twitch streamer Missmikkaa came up with the following idea to prove her skills to other gamers:

The Twitch banner Missmikkaa always develops crazy concepts on how to show her abilities in From software’s Elden Ring.
Before that, she had already conquered the title with one hand and with a dance mat as a controller.
Now the streamer plays two video games from Elden Ring at the exact same time and has actually enforced some unique jobs for it.
So she plays a game with a regular controller while she has to complete on the dance mat on the other platform.

Missmikkaa uses PS5 and the PC at the exact same time

The banner plays a variation of Elden Ring on PlayStation 5 with a controller.
At the exact same time, she lets a second variation of the role-playing game operate on her PC, on which she beat the title with the dance mat.
You can regularly follow the gamer on the player’s Twitch channel.
The resist Margin, the harsh paint and Rodrick, the transplanted can now be seen in a YouTube video.

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As a challenge, Missmikkaa has actually imposed that she has to defeat the one in charges on both platforms in the same attempt.


It must also begin once again on the other platform if she should die on the PC or PlayStation 5 throughout the fight in the variation.
The video recordings demonstrate how stressful playing on the PS5 and the pc is exhausting.
Once again and once again Missmikkaa needs to look quickly from one screen to the other in order to have the ability to react to the bosses.
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Source: Euro gamer
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