Amnesia The Bunker: Teaser

One of the most iconic games in recent history, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is seeing a sequel with its PC counterpart. Frictional Games has revealed that their latest offshoot for consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will be the last in the popular horror series. With this game, Amnesia: The Bunker, they have terminated the story with a clever plot and an atmospheric backdrop.


With Amnesia: The Bunker, the designers of Frictional Games revealed the current spin-off of the popular horror series for the consoles and the PC this month.
A little more than two weeks after the main unveiling of the survival scary experience, the studio supplied a short gameplay teaser to provide you with impressions from the eponymous bunker.

In addition, a brand-new game mechanics are revealed in the teaser.
Since while in the predecessors there was usually no usage of weapons and instead the escape from the beasts was one of the load-bearing gameplay mechanics, it will be possible in Amnesia: The Bunker to use various weapons such as revolvers.

designers count on a semi-open video game world

According to official info, the best lively innovations of Amnesia: The Bunker will include the truth that this time is depended on a semi-open world that offers extra lively freedom.
The variety of scripts, on the other hand, is noticeably reduced, as was stated in the official announcement.
This should offer you full control over your decisions or your next actions.
You can discover yourself in Amnesia: The Bunker in a bunker system in which a fatal and unforgiving beast hunt for you.
To name a few things, armed with a flashlight, checks out the bunker, look for an escape path and explores the dark trick of a French soldier from the First World War, which was hunted by an outside creature.
Amnesia: The Bunker will be launched in March 2023 for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.
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