NBA 2K23: The 10 Best Teams To Use

NBA 2K23 is once again upon us, with the newest release of the game on October 17th. But with a new game come new questions, one of which is always: What are the best teams to use? With that in mind, I have compiled a list of my top 10 favorite teams in NBA 2K23 for you to use and enjoy.

Tyler Hero.
Position: Shooting Guard/Point Guard.
General Stats: 84.

Jimmy Butler.
Position: Small Forward/Power Forward.
Overall Ranking: 93.

Bam Debate.
Overall Ranking: 87.

Jordan Poole.
Position: Shooting Guard.
Overall Score: 83.

Thomas Bryant.
Position: Center/Power Forward.
General Ranking: 76.

Joel Embed.
Overall Rating: 96.

Jonathan Kunming.
Position: Small Forward/Power Forward.
Total Score: 78.

Jaylen Brown.
Position: Shooting Guard.
Overall Score: 87.

D Green.

Position: Power Forward.
Overall Ranking: 83.

Mikael Bridges.
Position: Little Forward.
General Ranking: 83.

Tobias Harris.
Position: Little Forward.
Overall Ranking: 82.

Devin Booker.
Position: Shooting Guard.
Total Ranking: 91.

C Johnson.
Position: Power Forward.
Total Score: 80.

Anthony Davis.
Position: Power Forward.
General Ranking: 90.

Jayson Tatum.
Position: Little Forward.
General Ranking: 93.

In the List of the finest groups, Milwaukee Bucks have taken the primary spot with players such as Giannis Antetokounmpo who has consecutively been a 6x NBA-All-Star, making The Bucks among the strongest groups in NBA 2K23.

Chris Middleton.
Position: Small Forward.
General Rating: 86.

Stephen Curry.
Position: Point Guard.
General Ranking: 96.

DeAndre Anton.
General Ranking: 85.

Victor Radio.
Position: Shooting Guard/Point Guard.
Total Score: 78.

Norman Powell.
Position: Shooting Guard/Small Forward.
Total Ranking: 80.

# 4 Los Angeles Lakers (95 OR).

These teams have actually been ranked on not only their overall ratings however their star players who are the very best in any roster of the video game. Some of these are likewise the groups to restore in NBA 2K23. You may also want to understand how to produce custom groups in the game.

Giannis Antetokounmpo.
Position: Power Forward.
Total Rating: 97.

John Wall.
Position: Point Player.
Total Ranking: 78.

In spite of not being ranked as an elite group, the Phoenix Suns still have a benefit over other teams with players such as Devin Booker who has held a record for being the youngest player in NBA history to have consecutive 50-point video games.

True Holiday.
Position: Point Guard.
General Score: 86.

Philadelphia 76ers is certainly one of the finest groups you can participate NBA 2K23. It has an impressive set of players such as James Harden, a 10 times NBA All-Star with an amazing total ranking that takes the game to a next level.

Reggie Jackson.
Position: Point Guard/ Shooting Guard.
Overall Rating: 77.


Marcus Smart.
Position: Point Player.
Total Rating: 82.

With gamers such as the Legendary LeBron James on the group, they are put on one of the leading positions on the list.

  • Phoenix Suns
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Miami Heat
  • Boston Celtics
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Milwaukee Bucks

Neilson Hoyland.
Position: Shooting Guard/Point Guard.
General Score: 76.

Tyree Malay.
Position: Shooting Guard.
Total Ranking: 85.

Having the ability to hold the title of current champs, the Warriors still have a lot to show.

Donovan Mitchell.
Position: Shooting Guard/Point Guard.
General Rating: 88.

# 1 Milwaukee Bucks (96 OR).

Third on the list is the Boston Celtics with a mix of perfectly balanced young stars such as Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown who rank at the topmost positions on the group.

The list happens with outstanding defensive gamers like Mikael Bridges and DeAndre Anton who have actually taken over both Center and Small Forward positions for their team as a result of being a risk to the opposing teams in NBA 2K23.

The Clippers are perhaps among the finest teams to ever step foot on the court. They have passed the very first round of the playoffs 7 times but regardless of that, couldn’t win either the Conference or League title. With gamers like the five-time All-Star Kawhi Leonard, the clippers can do the unimaginable.

Jarrett Allen.
Overall Score: 85.

Evan Mobley.
Position: Power Forward.
Overall Score: 84.

Robert Williams III.
Position: Center.
Total Stats: 85.

# 9 Cleveland Cavaliers (91 OR).

Bobby Ports.
Position: Center.
Overall Ranking: 80.

Paul George.
Position: Shooting Guard/Small Forward.
General Score: 88.

Aaron Gordon.
Position: Small Forward/Power Forward.
Overall Rating: 79.

Patrick Beverley.
Position: Shooting Guard/ Point Player.
General Rating: 78.

P. J Tucker.
Position: Power Forward.
General Rating: 77.

Andrew Wiggins.
Position: Shooting Guard.
Total Ranking: 84.

Kyle Lowry.
Position: Point Guard.
Overall Rating: 82.

James Harden.
Position: Point Guard.
General Ranking: 89.

The factor behind the Golden State Warriors coming out to be among the very best teams on the list is due to their general rating, particularly with players such as Stephen Curry as their leading PG.

Numerous teams have actually had their rankings adjusted since last year. For both returning and beginners, the following guide will inform you the highest-rated groups to join in NBA 2K23 from the start.

Al Oxford.
Position: Power Forward.
Overall Rating: 82.

NBA 2K23 is here and with that, it is time to answer one of the most basic and typical concern fans ask each year about the finest groups in the game to control their matches.

In spite of being at the bottom of the list, the Cavaliers still possess a handful of excellent Point Guards for a good ball distribution along with a range of Centers who utilize their large stature to try a basket throughout the preliminary phases of the game.

# 6 Miami Heat (93 OR).

# 7 Philadelphia 76ers (92 OR).

Darius Garland.
Position: Point Player.
General Rating: 87.

Do note that if you are seeking to play a specific position, it is necessary to not simply sign up with any great team. You need to discover a team that needs you in that position. Trying to change the Philadelphia 76ers center is never going to occur. You will need to find the best team for your position.

These teams have actually been ranked on not just their overall ratings but their star players who are the finest in any lineup of the video game. Do note that if you are looking to play a particular position, it is important to not simply join any excellent group. You require discovering a group that requires you in that position. You will require to discover the right group for your position.

The Clippers aren’t the only Los Angeles group playing on the court as the LA Lakers are an essential group in NBA 2K23. Lakers once held the record for the most wins, the highest win percentage, and the majority of NBA Finals appearances of any franchise. With gamers such as the Legendary LeBron James on the team, they are placed on one of the top positions on the list.

# 5 Boston Celtics (94 OR).

The Miami Heat has an excellent, all-round lineup. In spite of not winning the finals, the team is still an all-time excellent especially with them winning a bulk of the off season. With players like Jimmy Butler on their team, their bound to score some baskets on the court.

Although the Cavaliers have actually proven to be in the leading 10 teams in NBA 2K23, due to the lack of star power and high rated gamers, they’ll be placed on this position in the list.

Russell Westbrook.
Position: Shooting Guard/Point Guard.
General Rating: 78.

Nikola Jokić.
General Score: 96.

What makes the Celtics an Elite team is their collection of rising stars and the expectation of the group to improve with time.

Kawhi Leonard.
Position: Little Forward/Power Forward.
General Ranking: 94.

Jamal Murray.
Position: Shooting Guard/Point Guard.
Overall Rating: 84.

Michael Porter Jr. Position: Small Forward/ Shooting Guard.
Overall Ranking: 80.

Brook Lopez.
Position: Center.
General Rating: 80.

# 2 Los Angeles Clippers (96 OR).

# 3 Golden State Warriors (95 OR).

The Nuggets have made their way into the leading 10 list as one of the most reputable and durable teams in NBA 2K23. With the belongings of gamers such as Nikola Jokić who when held a record for the Fastest triple-double in NBA history, you’re in for a treat.

# 10 Phoenix Suns (90 OR).

LeBron James.
Position: Little Forward/Point Guard.
Total Ranking: 96.

Kevin Love.
Position: Power Forward/Center.
General Ranking: 77.

Chris Paul.
Position: Point Guard.
Total Ranking: 90.

# 8 Denver Nuggets (92 OR).

The following are the 10 best groups to have fun with in NBA 2K23. The list remains the same for both next-gen and current-gen players.

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