Chainsaw Man: How Denji Kills Makima

Chainsaw Man has a notoriously tall bodies count for manga and anime, pitying his key characters in a shocking way.
Maxima is not only who takes Benji under his wing with public security demons hunters, but, in her eyes, she is also the perfect woman for which she would do absolutely anything.
Could it be true that they reach the hands and do you kill Maxima in Chainsaw Man?
WARNING: Main spoilers below

Why Benji kills Maxima in Chainsaw Man?

Yes, Benji kills Maxima.

Love is volatile.
Maxima always had an air of mystery about her, but as time passes it is clear that it is not at all what it seemed.
Maxima is, in fact, Devil control, an almighty demon whose greatest strength is its ability to manipulate others.
Faithful to his name, Devil Control is able to convince others to act under their whim, and even create force contracts against their will.
Several members of Public Safety Devil Hunters have realized their sinister agendas and have decided to end her once and for all.
Unfortunately, it is also blessed with regenerative skills, which makes it almost impossible to kill it directly.
Folded by his spell, Benji’s entire world collapses when he discovers that Maxima had no interest in him, but was only fascinated by the demon chainsaw within him.
His acts of cruelty have already stripped him of the people who care, and now she wants to end her happy life.
Benji proposes to defeat her, and can only do so by devising a cunning plan (which is not exactly one of her strengths).
He distracts her by removing Wichita from her body to create a lure, emerging from behind without being detected and demolishing it with a weapon made with Power’s blood.


How it ends with her is another completely interesting turn.
And there you have it.
That is all you need to know about why Benji kills Maxima in Chainsaw Man?
If you are a devotee follower of Maxima who is devastated when he learns of his death, we have more Chainsaw Man, beyond whether Benji kills her.
Discover everything about the best boy learning when Aka obtained the cursed sword or what Aka loses to get the Future Devil.
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