How to Poison the Water of the City of Blim

In the world of continuation high, the players are slowly learning more about their environment. But what happens when they find out that the city of Slim is in danger? Find out how to poison its water supply and save the day in this article.

While the gamers through the world of continuation high in life, they are slowly finding out more about the city in which they are stranded.
One of the more intriguing characters to which gamers can satisfy is Gary the poison mixer that looked into her home to enjoy something work on the TV.
Players are stuck when it comes to his demand.
After challenging and speaking, the players put the gamers on a task to discover them sewage.
Where are these unique locations, and how do the gamers get it?
Let us learn.

how to poison the water in the height of life

In order, for gamers who intend to begin this side quest, the first thing you need to do is reduce your expectations.
If there is no method to poison the city, there is only an amusing little joke that the developers have put in.


While the players comb the city in search of the entryway to the sewage system, they will discover that it does not really exist.
As a player to speak, Gary the poison mixer, you can start to see that something is incorrect.
Gary always points out that this is another eight hours of story material and chuckles once again and once again while he talks to the player.
When the player starts browsing and comes back at a later date, he admits and informs him directly that there is no side mission for him.
It is an amusing little nod, but might show to be frustrating for those who browse the world for these specific objects.

A location of the game that branches off, however, is the actual area of the end itself. Players who followed a hope they will learn that there is more about the story than you think and can find out how to accomplish this holds true here.
For those who hope for aid Gary on his righteous search for poisoning the water from Slim City, there is no hope for you.
Unless there is a DLC drop or an update that finally fits the rest of this mission into the video game.
High in life is now available for Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One and PC.
– This post was updated on December 20, 2022

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