Who is the demon of violence in Chainsaw Man? Answered.

Chainsaw Man’s world is full of strange, wonderful and wicked, small and small monsters.
Among them, demons are particularly interesting, since they are created when a demon has the body of a human body.
One of those demons, wearing an agile mask, may have caught your attention, so if you have been asking who is the demon of violence in Chainsaw Man? We have your answer!

Who is Alkali in Chainsaw Man?

Despite its title, the demon of violence is a pleasant character and good manners who work with public security demons hunters.
Also known as Alkali, the demon of violence professes to enjoy peace and tranquility genuinely and will work diligently with his human colleagues to reduce the amount of horrible demons that roam Tokyo.
When demons take possession of a human host, they maintain some aspects of that person’s memory, and in the case of the demon of violence, he uses his strong connection with his predecessor to guide his actions.
Although he does not remember how the death of this human happened initially, Maxima was supposedly saved and enlisted in public safety.
In a nutshell;
It is a very nice guy who turns out to be in a devil.
He is even able to make Kobe perpetually apprehensive leave his shell, which is certainly no small thing.

Why should the demon mask of violence stay in Chainsaw Man?

The most defining feature of the demon of violence is probably the mask that darkens his face.
Similar to a doctor’s mask of the Middle Ages, it has a purpose beyond being an obtuse fashion statement.
The mask constantly dispenses a poison directly in the lungs of Alkali as a means to limit its power and also does it docile, without a doubt a factor that contributes to its pleasant temperament.

You could consider it as a spell belt that keeps it under control, and without it, its strength increases exponentially.


That is the truth about who is the demon of violence in Chainsaw Man?
With luck, now you have a little better idea what their powers are and why it is so interested in the program.
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