Bayer Leverkusen Announces Major Overhaul Ahead of Summer Squad Break – Simon Rolfes

s Managing Director Simon Roles anticipates a squad break at Bayer Leverkusen next summer.
Definitely, the 41-year-old informed the kicker to a question.
Roles added: There will be a different summer than the last. Because of the agreement durations alone, there will be a lot more motion.
Leverkusen is currently just in tenth in the Bundesliga and thus plainly behind its own requirements.
In retrospection, one can say that more movement in the team would have been great, although I think that neither one nor the other is the panacea, stated Roles.


Roles does not make many worries that various top entertainers like Mousse Diary or Jamie Crimping leave the Rhinelander.
We have long-term agreements with numerous players, with practically all the booklet of action in hand, so that we likewise have the strength to say no, he stated.
That’s why I’m relaxed. We will use the summer to re-host the squad.

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