Original Metroid Prime Developer Criticizes Remastered Version for Switch – Nintenders Rejoice Despite Criticism


The Contenders are joy due to the arrival of Metro id Prime Remastered, a new version of the Game cube classic that arrives with some improvements for the Nintendo Switch console.
And while everything works almost identically, it seems that there is a detail that only some have noticed, and that precisely someone who worked in the original game.
Void Kirsch, who worked in the first two games as a senior gameplay engineer, created the load doors we saw and mentions that to Remaster has applied the incorrect alpha level, which makes its appearance different.
Of course, it is not a complaint feels exaggerated, but it shows that he would have liked that this element be respected.

They fuck the doors at the primewoled metro id!
They have the incorrect alpha level in the shields of the doors.
The left is original, the second is remastered.

I tend to be very demanding with this, since I literally spent months working on the doors.
This should be fixed.
Of course, something that should be clarified, is that beyond this detail, he mentions that they have done a good job bringing back this classic, so you are not complaining about the whole video game.
In fact, he praised the new models for the bosses as well as Camus, also the part of the textures that give new life to the planet he visits.
Remember that the game is available on Switch.
The physical version is launched on February 22.
Via: Nintendo Life
Editor’s note: It is undoubtedly a great version, and the comment is understood, because he would like to see what he contributed to the franchise at the time.

As desire for that version in cartridge.

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