9 Games That Test Your Console Loyalty: Play Zelda, Forza & GTA on Different Platforms

Not all gamers are loyal to the platform on which they have been on the road for several years.

We show you 9 games here, for which you have actually exchanged your familiar PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo console for the competition.

yes, of course, you are the only platform for me…

Xbox for PlayStation, PlayStation for PC, PC for Nintendo, Nintendo for Xbox-with many excellent games it is tough to remain real to a platform.
A gameplay trailer is enough, and a strange platform enters into the digital shopping basket…
The game tips readers confessed to our greatest video gaming treason, which we recorded in the lower image series for posterity.
At this moment: We don’t condemn anyone since we would most likely have actually acted the very same method.
From GTA 5 to Fora to WoW: Sometimes it just occurs.
It says: bye, PlayStation, Hello Xbox.
On the other hand, no goodbye has to apply forever.


Maybe you’ll return once again.

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