Class Action Lawsuit Threatens YouTuber Logan Pauls Cryptozoo NFT Project

With Cryptozoic, the popular YouTuber Logan Paul developed a blockchain basis and assured his gamers an excellent financial investment, in addition to fun playing.
The number backfired and now Paul has to deal with a class action suit in the USA.

YouTuber Logan Paul is understood for his affinity for the crypt om market, founded a trading center about time, on which one can get NFT shares of important collectibles.
Another project is the game Cryptozoic.
But the YouTuber Coffeyville exposed the project as a rip-off.
Paul saw himself as a victim.
He trusted the wrong individuals and was deducted himself.


Paul is the creator and face of the project at the center of the scandal and now legal effects are emerging.
One player sent a class action suit in the USA.
You can discover more backgrounds about NFTS and blockchain here:

Logan Paul continues to be trouble with cryptozoo-now a suit threatens

In Cryptozoic, players are supposed to collect animals, hatch and therefore develop hybrids.
The entire system revolves around the in-game currency Zoo, a cryptocurrency.
Gamers can earn the currency in the video game and, for instance, earn money again via crypto trading platforms.
Participation should be particularly worthwhile for early beginners.
But the advancement ran slowly and YouTuber Coffeyville made the internal problems of Cryptozoic public with a 3-part video series (
Ever since, the task in the eyes of many users has been considered scams, even if Logan Paul declares that it continues to work on it and he himself has not made any cash (via
He even used to pay gamers personally who desire to get out of the video game.
Apparently this offer is not enough for some players and once again it is Coffeyville who exposes the next blow to the project-a claim prior to a court in Austin (Texas/ USA):.
The United States side of Kodak has the application (by means of
Accordingly, the lawsuit originates from a law enforcement officer from Texas who has invested around $3,000 in Cryptozoic.
This calls for $75,000, among other things due to the realities deceitful deceptiveness, negligence or conspiracy to scams.
However, not only Logan Paul, however likewise previous staff members who need to be responsible for mayhem at Cryptozoic.
Logan Paul can presently be discovered on the suit.
It is difficult to evaluate whether the claim has a view of success.
According to Logan Paul’s earlier statements, not whatever in the company was right in the company that he himself had been a victim of scammers.
Given that it is a US collection suit ( Class Action Suit), other victims could likewise get involved in the lawsuit.
Either way-the Cryptozoic job was anything but optimal for Paul.
Such projects guarantee a bad credibility of NFTS and blockchain, specifically in the video gaming sector.
The innovation in fact uses a brand-new level of security on the Internet: NFTs are more than microtransactions.

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