Fly Like a Bat of Hell with the Fastest Broom of Hogwarts Legacy – A Magician Game Based on the World of Harry Potter

A magician game based on the world of Harry Potter would not be complete without the ability to cross the heavens and fly like a bat of hell.
Fortunately, Avalanche Software understood this concept and incorporated the flying broom to Hogwarts Legacy as a central mechanics of the game.
And you know what?
It is actually quite fun.


Even so, if you have arrived here, you are likely to have sought the answer to a specific consultation: what is the fastest broom in Hogwarts Legacy?
Well, it’s a bit complicated, but you’re still in the right place.
Let’s enter it!

What is the fastest broom at Hogwarts Legacy?

Well, now the Million question: What is the fastest broom of Hogwarts Legacy?
Well, to be completely honest, all brooms are exactly the same from the point of view of performance.
Look, all brooms in the game work identically with each other and the differences between them simply equals several cosmetic changes.
As a result, the best broom is greatly reduced to personal preferences about the appearance and style of each broom.
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When you talk to Albee Weeks in Sprint witches Sporting Needs at the beginning of the game, you will notice that you have five brooms on offer:
Ember Dash Broom-600 Galleons
Hogwarts house broom-600 galleons
Rojas trimming broom-600 galleons
Voluminous wind broom-600 galleons
Teleport de Tejo Bloom-600 Galleons
Image source: WB games through
It is worth noting that you can buy more brooms from other merchants in Hogwarts Legacy and some can be unlocking through the exploration challenges of bursting balloons.
Here is a list of 13 brooms in the game:
Ember dash broom
Hogwarts house broom
Arrogant broom
Night dancer
Rojas trimming broom
Wind broom
Telenor de Tejo broom
Celeste Guarana broom
Silver arrow broom
Ancient family broom
Wild fire broom
Bright spark broom
Rickety Swift broom
Ultimately, then, returning to the original question, the fastest broom can be the broom that you like most about the 13 brooms available in Hogwarts Legacy.

Can you improve your broom and make it faster at Hogwarts Legacy?

Thank you, yes, you can improve your broom and make it faster at Hogwarts Legacy, although you will have to complete specific missions to do so.
For those who want to improve their brooms, these are the specific missions that must be taken into account:
Blood improvement 1-ends the flight test to increase the acceleration and speed of your broom and pay 1000 galleons.
Blood improvement 2-ends Sweeping the Competition to increase the acceleration and speed of your broom.

There you have it.
We hope this has helped give it a clue about what is the fastest broom of Hogwarts Legacy.
To get more information, here it is explained how to do the iconic Harry Potter wand in the game.
Or if you prefer, feel free to explore the links below.
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