SWTOR Ahsoka Tano Build Guide – Create the Legendary Character Appearance, Outfit, Gear and Skills!

Below are the physical appearance specifications I recommend utilizing for Asoka Tank. SW TOR doesn’t use any actual way to influence the quantity of maturing for Truth, so this is actually the only way to go regardless of which age you’re capturing for. Lipstick is likewise not provided.

Physical Appearance

Asoka is a grown-up Truth female with blue eyes, orange skin, maroon lipstick, white tattoos, as well as white as well as blue candy-striped Controls as well as Leak.

Sex: Women
Types: Truth
Body Type: 2
Head: 10
Eye Shade: 1
Precious jewelry: 9
Controls and Leak: 6
Controls and also Leak Pattern Shade: 6
Skin Color: 4

Keep in mind: This develops is not ideal for endgame content and must only be utilized when playing alone or role-playing with buddies. It is beginner-friendly as well as does not need you to be at level cap to play it.

Attire and also Weapon

There is currently no match for the post-Clone Wars sabers she wields together with the attire I recommend, though the Derelict Lightsaber looks rather comparable to what she swivels in the Clone Wars. The Reforged and also initial variation both look comparable, however the Reforged is far more small and has greater information. The distinction is tiny enough that I assume it should boil down to set you back.

She makes use of a photo for her offhand, and while there are a few shots in the game, none of them look anything like her sabers. Technically, you can make use of the initial Derelict Saber in the offhand as well as the Reforged for the mainland, but the blade length is the very same and also you’re paying for a 2nd saber, so I do not assume its worth spending the additional credit scores when you can simply get 1 saber on the too and assert a second duplicate from Collections.

I likewise desire to note that the Sith Cultists Lower Robes look exceptionally similar to the Freelance Hunters Greaves, so those are absolutely worth thinking about if you can find them at a lower price.

I recommend an attire that integrates items from countless various collections. Every one of the shield pieces are Cartel Market things, yet It’s not likely that all will certainly be readily available for sale on the Cartel Market at the very same time, so you’ll probably have much better good luck buying them from the GTN or straight from an additional gamer.

Tale, Fight Style, and Gearing Options

This area will certainly focus on crucial selections you’ll need to make in order to wind up with a play style and also story that fits Asoka character.

Asoka Tank was a Jedi Taiwan during the Clone Battles and also left the Order shortly prior to the battle finished. Neither of the Jedi beginning stories fit Asoka quite possibly, though I think there are dramatically extra parallels with the Jedi Knight storyline.

Origin Story

Battle Styles, Disciplines, and Capacity Tree Choices

Several of Watchman Sentinels assaults deal fewer damages up front yet deal a great deal of damages with time through lightsaber burns.

In combat, Asoka nimbly weaves together dazzling flurries of lightsaber swings making use of a set of lightsabers. She combats fairly strongly while being incredibly fast and acrobatic, though she’s no slouch when it pertains to protection either, being one of the few to make it through Order 66 many thanks to some added training with the 501st Legion.

Most of the Watchman-specific options aren’t less necessary than the self-control itself since the base computer animations of many assaults match Asoka relocates pretty well. The build options I advise are mostly concentrated on improving flexibility as well as the damages dealt by lightsaber assaults.

Develop Essentials:
Burning Center
Force Tension

Canonically, Asoka utilizes Jackie, a lightsaber form devoted to wielding 2 sabers simultaneously. That lightsaber form is not utilized by any type of technique in SW TOR, and honestly seems to be its very own different point, so we angle utilize it to notify our decision.

I picture many of you would expect me to recommend Fight Guard, which utilizes Kind II: Atari as well as is recognized for being fast and also agile, but the animations for Watchman Guard capacities are the very best suit without a doubt to Asoka dealing with design.

Legendary Implants and also Tactical Product

Zealous Strike



Courageous Victor

Opened at degree 1
This basic lightsaber flurry looks almost the same to how Asoka fights in the Duplicate Battles. It deals modest damage to a solitary enemy as well as has no cooldown, yet costs 2 Focus per activation. It is weaker than some of your other assaults, but it is enhanced by the Spiteful Saber tactical since it suffers the lightsaber shed impact used by Cauterize, triggering you to deal even more damages with each swing if you struck something affected by that burn.

Pitiless Slash

Pressure Jump

The Berserkers Call dental implant makes you deal a lot more damage for a brief time after activating Zen.

The Spiteful Saber tactical increases the damage dealt by Cauterize and also makes it so dealing damage with Slash receives the lightsaber burn effect used by Cauterize.

Unlocked at degree 1
Strike is your many basic lightsaber swing. It deals a percentage of damages to a solitary enemy as well as has no cooldown. Instead of dealing even more damages, it creates 2 Emphasis as opposed to costing any, so you are always able to use it assuming you’re in array.

Overload Saber

Berserkers Call

As a side note, the Grit Pearly whites tactical is an appropriate choice if you’ve obtained it for one of the various other RP overviews, though I do believe Spiteful Saber is more ideal for Asoka particularly given that Cauterize and also Reduce practically resemble they were taken straight from the Duplicate Wars television program.

These are strikes that deal damages to several enemies or increase the damage dealt by an additional strike. Normally, attacks can not be utilized at the very same time as each other, though Security Guard (and also this specific build) will have you utilizing some abilities at the very same time. A lot of the attacks cost Focus, which is the Sentinels class resource, and also have cooldown, both of which stop them from being spammed.

Asoka is quite hostile in her lightsaber battles, so I recommend utilizing implants and a tactical that directly boost her damage dealt. You access to fabulous implants at degree 80 and tactical products at degree 75.


In this area, Sickness be discussing details Security guard Sentinel capacities that match Asoka dealing with style, including lightsaber swings as well as defensive maneuvers. To be clear, this is not a total checklist of all Watchman Sentinel abilities, I am just radiating a limelight on details assaults that will certainly make you really feel or look like you’re having fun as Asoka.

The Courageous Victor dental implant makes your melee attacks deal more damage for a brief period of time after investing Focus, your class source, on a melee attack.

Opened at degree 1
Asoka often utilized the Pressure to empower her jumps and Pressure Leap is the SW TOR matching. It creates your personality to leap at your target and reduce with both sabers upon landing. The SW TOR variation isn’t rather as ruining as it got on Malachi V when she jumped at a preoccupied Vader, cutting open his mask and allowing Kazan as well as Ezra to escape while stopping him from getting the Sith Holocrine, yet It’s still beneficial.

Opened at degree 47
Pitiless Slashes is your largest hit, you’re putting everything you’ve obtained to turn both sabers at your challenger at the very same time. The general computer animation is relatively similar to some slashes Asoka does, though I don’t believe she’s quite as dramatic as this attack is. If you utilize it frequently, the capability also makes your target take even more damages from melt impacts and its cooldown is decreased.

Unlocked at level 35
Cauterize makes you do a front flip that finishes with you knocking both sabers down on your challenger. It doesn’t deal an entire lot of damages up front, but they do obtain melted by your lightsaber, triggering them to take damages with time. The damage dealt by Cauterize is increased by the Spiteful Saber tactical.


Key Capabilities

For more details on tailoring, look into my overview on Which Mods to Get from Hyde as well as Week. For an Asoka Tank construct, I suggest gearing as a DPS, which implies you’ll intend to focus on boosting statistics that enhance damage outcome like Accuracy, Important, and also Alacrity.

Because the attack doesn’t have much in the means of its own computer animation as well as can be triggered at the exact same time as your various other assaults, efficiently increasing your damages handled the background, I do not see a factor not to include it for Asoka.

Unlocked at degree 10
Blade Battery deals a respectable amount of damage over an acrobatic flurry of hits. Unlike the assaults I’ve mentioned up until now, the animation isn’t as exact of a match, however the general assault is quite her design as she turns her sabers while spinning through the air. Compared to your other strikes, Blade Barrage has a longer cooldown, though it does not cost any Focus.

Spiteful Saber

Opened at level 7
Zealous Strikes looks similar to Ruthless Slash, but it doesn’t deal a great deal of damage by itself as well as instead grants a massive 6 Focus, enough to fill up half your bar, and also makes your challenger take a bit much more damage from all your other lightsaber swings for rather a while. Utilize it whenever your Focus bar is much less than half complete.

Offensive Abilities

Unlocked at level 60
Jedi are rarely ever revealed doing it on screen, however they can customize numerous qualities of their lightsabers blade, including points like length as well as intensity. Overload Saber does what it states on the tin, it overloads your saber, triggering your next 3 lightsaber swings to shed their target. This melt uses alongside that of Cauterize, most likely representing strikes in various locations or the burns being of differing levels.

Force Leap does not deal also many damages and also can not be utilized if you’re as well near your target, yet it does produce 3 Emphasis and disturbs your targets existing actors or network. It additionally creates 2 Centering as well as has a second charge many thanks to the Intercessor capability tree enthusiast.

Blade Barrage

Zen as well as Valorous Call

Opened at degree 19
Force Kick does not deal any damages, but interrupts the targets present cast with a kick and avoids it from being made use of once more for a brief time. It can be used at the very same time as your other capabilities, so be certain to use Force Kick if you see your challenger casting something.

Valorous telephone call simply makes you end up being Centered promptly, allowing you to enter into a state of Zen whenever you like, though Valorous Phone call can’t be made use of very typically.

Available at degree 68
When a battle is over, Jedi commonly choose to control their challenger with the Pressure as opposed to end their lives. Asoka did this to Whip after their duel on Mangalore as opposed to allowing him fall. Pressure Stasis makes you lift and also hold your challenger with the power of the Pressure, stopping them doing anything for a few seconds, dealing a small amount of damages, as well as generating 3 Emphasis over the period.

Available at degree 27
Transcendence applies multiple impacts including enhancing your movement rate significantly, purging impacts that hinder your mobility, and a little increasing your chance to disperse or evade weapon strikes. Its cooldown is rather short, so use it whenever you’d like to move quicker.

Force Camouflage

Saber Ward

It can be activated at the same time as your various other strikes, however you can’t enter this state all the time. You should come to be completely Focused first, and you end up being Focused primarily by spending Emphasis and also critically hitting with your lightsaber burns.

This concludes the Asoka Tank Build Guide. If you have referrals for tweaks or mild variations in appearance or various other capabilities that may fit well, or if you have a favored personality you’d like to get a develop for, leave a comment.

All of these capacities can be triggered at the very same time as other attacks and also offer some kind of momentary increase to your survivability. Their cooldowns are considerably longer than that of most strikes.

The Zealous Ward ability tree buff are immune to some managing effects for the initial half of Saber Ward and obtain healed whenever you get assaulted for the whole duration. I don’t believe this aficionado is necessary to an Asoka build, however it fits much better than the choices.

Defensive Talents

Pressure Tension

Opened at degree 31
Pressure Camouflage doesn’t last very long and ends as soon as you turn on an attack, yet it offers a number of potent effects while its energetic. The most remarkable of these effects is turning you unnoticeable, permitting you to slip previous or approximately an enemy. It’s reminiscent of just how stealthily she took out all the Magistrates guards at the walled resources city of Corvus.


Think about utilizing the Defer Spliced Genetics tactical instead of Spiteful Saber if you desire to lean into this combating style. It somewhat minimizes the cooldown of Pressure Camouflage and also increasingly enhances the damage dealt by your next lightsaber turn the much longer that the ability continues to be active.

If you want more information on exactly how to play and gear this self-control efficiently for group Eve web content, like Flash points as well as Procedures, look into my 7.0 Watchman Guard Eve guide.

Unlocked at degrees 15 as well as 43
Zen makes you enter into a state of Zen, creating your lightsaber burns to briefly instantly seriously struck, generating 4 Emphasis, and also making you deal much more damage as a whole momentarily.

Force Camo also raises your motion speed, lowers your damages taken, removes all cleanable rebuffs, and makes you immune to all managing results.

Opened at level 15
Saber Ward generally lets you resist assaults like a Jedi. It increases your chance to completely deflect and/or dodge weapon strikes consisting of points like lightsaber swings as well as gun shots while also allowing your lightsaber block some damage from non-weapon attacks like Force capabilities and also non-blaster innovation like nitroglycerin.

Pressure Kick

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