Apex Legends Bans Linux Players – Are Steam Deck Players Affected?

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Evaluating the records on the EA Discussion forum, a minimum of a single person was using a Vapor Deck while the remainder were on Desktop Linux and also on the GitHub post all reports there were relatively on Desktop Linux as well. Appears the gamers were utilizing a mixture of various Proton versions also including Proton Experimental and also GE-Proton, so there’s not a clear reason.

It shows up that Pinnacle legends from respawn and ea has actually begun prohibiting some players on Linux, and while the Heavy steam Deck makes use of Linux too it seems almost all the bans were desktop Linux gamers.

I’ve been playing an excellent couple of hours over last evening and today without problem on Steam Deck until now.

The bans started appearing right before the weekend, and also I waited to see what took place right here rather than beating the gun. As we’ve seen in the past when just a couple mention a restriction, it became actual cheaters. In this instance however, even more ban records are gradually appearing on this.

EA goes to the very least checking out it since a few hrs earlier, as a Community Manager responded to claim they have actually passed the info on.

Currently, it’s not clear what the concern is or what’s causing it and the general number is still really low when discussing the total Peak player-base, even considering the lower quantity of gamers on Linux Desktop computer as well as Steam Deck, the number is still rather small. Now there’s fairly a couple of noting a ban, it’s worth maybe waiting to see what takes place if you value your Pinnacle Legends account (particularly if you’ve invested cash on it…).


Peak Legends utilizes Easy Anti-Cheat, and also they have the support switched on for Linux/ Steam Deck with Proton, so this shouldn’t happen to genuine gamers despite just how several it is, but accidentally bans do occur. It is also a Vapor Deck Verified title.

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