Join Fyng at Caggtus Leipzig – the first big gaming event of the year!

In April 2023, the large gaming occasion Cactus begins in Leipzig.
We are on website with our Fang group.
Discover out what is intended right here
What is a Cactus?
The Cactus does not suggest that because this deals with the homage of spiky desert plants.
Instead, behind the interested name is a hearty gaming occasion with Germany’s largest LAN event, an amusement location, stands with merch as well as a cosplay competition.
So an occasion by and also for the pc gaming area.
The huge party will certainly rise from April 14 to 16, 2023 at the Leipzig trade fair.
And somehow the entire thing concerns cacti.
Eco-friendly spiked plants were constantly positioned at the LAN event since at the previous Dream hack event.
This trend also dominated in various other occasions of those accountable and also the power of the cactus is now so substantial that the thorn plants obtain their name to a big, brand-new event
Incidentally, the GG in Cactus stands for Good Game, the conventional farewell greeting after a good gaming session.
Below’s the ticket shop here.

FANG Caggtus-we do that at the event.

What is Fang?
Behind Fang (Locate Your Following Game) is a format in which we offer you high-grade web content about gaming.
To name a few points, the media web pages Gamester, Gamer and Mango are involved.
As component of FANG, you will certainly be presented with little focus so much and obtain even more insights behind the scenes of the hobby in podcasts and exciting articles.
At Caggtus-the excellent video gaming occasion 2023-a Fang group will certainly obviously be on website as well as keep our program there live.
Where can we be discovered?
We have developed an epic workshop of 160 m ² in size for our Fang Cactus
You will certainly locate us in the US 12 area in the enjoyment area.
Our prepared streaming times are daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday until 5 p.m. What are we doing?
Real to the Fang slogan Discover Your Next Video game we will certainly introduce you to video games and have you found.
So you may discover one or the other insider suggestion that you have not yet had on the radar.
Here are more details concerning Cactus.


Additionally, there are other exciting material that Fang currently likewise shape.
A large highlight will be our live podcasts, in which we speak about brand-new fads as well as ageless gaming issues.
There will certainly additionally be area interaction, consisting of real-time voting on topics.
We additionally prepared co-op gameplay rounds, quiz shows, Jenna, cosplay, eSports and also interviews with influencers as well as programmers.
We provide a focused program as well as if you go down by us, there will constantly be something new to find.
What else is there?
In enhancement to our Fang location, the Cactus is still expanding prior to additional features.
There you will certainly find the largest LAN event in the Republic, a Cosplay location, the German Case mod Champion and a large entertainment location on which you can play all sorts of video games.
The Cactus uses something for each of you.

It would be wonderful if we could meet you at Cactus 2023 in Leipzig.
You can obtain tickets for the big, new gaming occasion right here.

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