Page Title: Like a Dragon: Ishin – Remastering or New Version? – An Impressive Shine for Modern Consoles and PCs

Like a Dragon: Shin has received a very impressive shine for modern consoles and PCs after staying out of the reach of fans for a long time for almost a decade.
It is fair to say that the game needed some polishing before receiving its worldwide launch, but does it coincide with the quality of similar relaunch for previous entries of the series?
Here is everything we know about whether like Dragon: Shin is a remake or remastering.

Is Like a Dragon: Shin a remastering or a new version?

Like a Dragon: Shin, technically, is announced as a new version.
In Japan, the relaunch carries the same Miami brand that received the new versions built from zero of Yakuza 1 and 2. However, it could be argued that the term remake can be used quite vaguely these days.
If you expect a total reinvention of the Dead Space or Resident Evil style game, you are likely to like Dragon: Shin does not meet your expectations.
The closest comparison is Core crisis: Final Fantasy VII Meeting, recently launched, which Square Enix described as not a new version, but more than a remastering.

The game presents some refinements and improvements.
The city of KO is visually dazzling with graphics that can rival most modern releases and highly detailed characters expected that are expected of BYU Ga Gook Studio are also shown in the scenes, looking better than ever.


Some original launch characters have been replaced by newer actors that have appeared in the series.
Video Navajo, who originally played the villain of Yakuza 0, Meiji Shibuya, returns to the series as Roma’s brother, Take chi, along with Quiche Nakamura, who played the murderer John Gilman in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life and Yakuza
7: Like a Dragon.
The enemy bosses in the game have new special skills that can use you, and the mechanics of the Trooper card is now completely optional.
Players can also find fun Easter eggs in the game;
Famous fans like Kenny Omega and Rahul Kohl have their own Trooper cards, and fans like Aka Mitzi have added to the Karaoke mini-game.
However, beyond that, the game looks a lot like its original launch.
Roma still has access to the same four combat styles and, although there is a great variety, each of them feels a bit outdated.
There is also the problem of invisible walls throughout KO’s map and, frankly, NPC, Jacky models.
Those cold eyes of the Yakuza 5 era can be recognized in an NPC at a mile away.
There are substantial improvements, but sometimes the game shows very clearly its age.
While Like a Dragon: Shin is considered a new version and is marketed as such, this is really a personal interpretation.
That is all we know about whether like Dragon: Shin is a new version or remastering.
Be sure to consult our game guides below, including the location of each sub-spite.
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