0.7How to Get and Improve Primordial Stones for ONYX AUTHERNEA ANTRY ANTRY 10.0.7 Dragonfight – Get Annelet dOnyx with Patch 10.0.7

Available with the Patch 10.0.7, the primordial stones become an important element of Dragon flight.
We therefore explain to you how to get Lancelot Onyx and the primordial stones.
In addition, you can find our list of the best primordial stones adapted to your character for RAID and MM+content.
Update: E-day of March 22 at Patch 10.0.7.
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1 How to get Lancelot Onyx
2 How to get primordial stones
3 Improve Will of your primordial stones
4 How to get keys to SKEMA vaults

How to get Lancelot Onyx

In order to be able to use your primordial stones, you will need to get all the Lancelot Onyx.
The latter is on your Arrived Island, just above the base camp with the flight.
You can access the cave where it is hidden after having made two quests.
Any labor, help a hand and a pliers (Towhead link in English) then via the quest explore our past (Towhead link in English) which brings you directly to the Vaults area.
There, you will have to eliminate an elite spider (no problem as long as you have a little more than 380 Ill) to be able to loot anneal which is on the ground right next door.

How to get primordial stones

Concretely, there are several methods for loot of primordial stones.
Any, using keys to open the chests located in the vaults.
Note that the latter are protected by elites, although they are not difficult to eliminate from the moment you have a little Dill.
Then, several content (rare, quests, chests) can give primordial stones.
Generally the latter will not be able to drop several times, while it is possible to farm the vaults.

Improving Will of your primordial stones

Concretely, the only way to deaminize the power of your primordial stones is to be due to an unstable that is made using 10 fragments.
This should therefore take a long time since the fragments are quite rare in the chests and can otherwise be obtained by destroying an unused primordial stone.


How to get SKEMA vault keys

The most important lob jet to obtain the most primordial stones remain the keys since the latter allow cellars to be found.
The most interesting thing is that these keys are linked to the account, therefore allowing them to farm them on rerolls to open the vaults with your main character.
To obtain keys from the SKEMA vaults, nothing could be simpler, you just have to farm the rare and the boxes of the area.
If you seem laborious, don’t want to do so on your rerolls…
It is also possible to loot during the events and in the bag sold by Darla, which is at the Camp Arrived in the borders prohibited.
This bag will cost you 2000 Flow.
To summarize you will obtain keys on:
The rare and monsters of the islands
During events
In the bag obtained against 2000 Flow
So much for our guide explaining how to get the primordial stones for Lancelot Onyx.
You can find all our guides and tricks for Dragon flight on our World of Warcraft portal.

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