WWE 2K23 Trophy Guide: Unlock All Achievements and Get the Most Out of Your WWE 2K23 Experience

Not only has actually the video game taken things to the next degree when it comes to graphics as well as gameplay, but there are additionally plenty of trophies and also success that you’ll require to unlock in order to 100% this game.

The video game is littered with trophies, and we have actually got you covered for each and every single one that you can make in WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 is finally here, bringing with it a host of brand-new difficulties for each member of the WWE World.

WWE 2K23 Prize Overview

Showcase Trophies

You’ll have to work hard in order to attain that Platinum prize, but we’ll do our best to assist you along the means.

In total amount, there are 64 trophies that you can gain in WWE 2K23.

These trophies cover throughout all major settings as well as, obviously, have varying degrees of difficulty.

The majority of the trophies are considered unusual, however some show to be also a lot more remarkable.

Make sure to strike all the in-match goals, as well as you’ll be banking these awards in a snap.

  • Standard Thuganomics-Complete one purpose in Display Mode
  • HUSTLE – Win one match in Display Setting
  • Word Life – Complete all purposes in one Display Setting match
  • You Can not See Me!- Loss Super Cent
  • LOYALTY-Clear All Matches in Showcase Mode.
  • RESPECT-Complete All Purposes in All Matches in Display Setting.

John Cena’s Showcase Setting supplies a number of trophies, with these all very easy to scoop up.

World Mode Trophies

Rise is a trophy haven in WWE 2K23, with this year’s game using even more occupation options than in the past.

Rise Trophies

  • Fatal 4-Way-Completed a 4 Brand Period in MGM.
  • Matchwork-Booked all possible match types throughout a solitary period of MGM.


  • Inflate the Slam-Earn Ten different Slammed in MGM.
  • Brand Management-Win a Period With Each Brand Name in MGM.
  • On Top of the Hill(s)- Finish First in Ratings After Three Complete Seasons in MGM.

These detailed below use to basic match play, with the imaginary platinum prize tossed in completely step.

  • Breathe Easy-Win a match without totally exhausting your stamina meter (Play Mode vs AI).
  • Paid in Full-Win a match after having actually successfully made use of both designated Repayment capacities (Play Setting vs AI).
  • Incomplete Business-As KOF Kingston, beat Brock Lesser in a Typical 1-On-1 match on Tale difficulty (Play Mode vs AI).
  • The New and also Vicious WarGames-With the group downside, win a 4-on-4 Gargamel match on Tale trouble (Play Mode vs AI).
  • Nope, Not a Fluke-Win any type of 1-On-1 match kind by means of Leverage Pin on Regular trouble or higher (Play Setting vs AI).
  • Pillage and Plunder-Introduce three tools right into a Gargamel suit and win (Play Mode vs AI).
  • Tranquilo-Kick out of three high-intensity pins on Tale difficulty (Play Setting vs AI).
  • One’s All You Get-Win a match without surrendering a 2-count pin on Legend trouble (Play Setting vs AI).
  • Stacked Like Cordwood-Using John Cena, perform a 1-on-2 Attitude Adjustment Finisher (Play Mode vs AI).
  • A Sensational Achievement-Win a match without being stunned on Tale difficulty (Play Setting vs AI).
  • The Ring is Sacred-Win a Normal 1-On-1 suit on Tale trouble without by hand leaving the ring (Play Setting vs AI).
  • A New Head of the Table-Beat Roman Reigns in a 1-On-1 match on Tale trouble using no Paybacks (Play Setting vs AI).
  • Teacher’s Pet-Complete all objectives within the Tutorial (Play Setting).
  • A Natural Heel-Use a Dirty Move Repayment in a normal 1-On-1 match without getting invalidated (Play Setting vs AI).
  • That’s Random-Use Random to produce a Head Thing, Body, as well as Outfit Shade for a custom-made superstar.
  • Right here comes the BOOM!- Develop a custom-made entry with a customized Pro.
  • I Made This-Create a product using your own picture made in Develop a Photo.
  • PlayStation Platinum-Earn all the trophies

Not all trophies are linked to certain settings in WWE 2K23.

  • Champion For A Day-Complete all 3 of a day’s Daily Obstacles in Faction.
  • Never Felt Extra A-LIVE-Complete 10 LIVE Events in Faction.
  • Newbie’s Luck-Complete ALL Introduction Obstacles in Faction.

  • Honorary Use – Persuade Roman Reigns to join your intrigue

  • Selection and also Repercussions – Choose throughout a Main Event Suit
  • A Briefcase Constructed for 2 – Win the Tag Group MTB Brief-case
  • A Lasting Legacy – Total The Heritage Rise story
  • Solid Bond – Remain loyal to your tag team partner
  • Dropped the Luggage – Betray your tag group companion
  • Slap the Future – Accept the future
  • Blast from the Past – Confront the past
  • Suitable for a Queen – Win the Queen’s Crown Competition
  • A Lock as well as a Legend-Complete both The Lock and The Legacy Rise tales

Misc Trophies

  • Future Endeavored-Call out WWE Administration
  • Stole The Show-Steal the NXT Champion as well as Heritage Cup
  • Peak Competitor-Compete in the Apex Competition
  • Leader of the Pack- Lock in your intrigue options.
  • Here to Stay-Complete The Lock Rise tale
  • Company Simply Selected Up-Join The Hurt Business.
  • Evolution Revolution – Join Development

With not many trophies to scoop in MGM setting this year, you’ll locate it basic sufficient to soon dominate this setting.

World Setting has actually brought in some new features this year and also the new momentum function is a crucial element to completing these trophies.

Faction Trophies

Unsurprisingly, Faction once more flaunts a variety of trophy incentives, with this year’s game presenting some brand-new challenges that will keep you on your toes.

  • Battle of Rivals-Choose a rival’s Activity from the Rivalry Menu in World Mode (Classic or Super Star Mode).
  • The Final Move-Choose an opponent’s Result from the Competition Menu during a Costs Live Event in World Setting
  • Action right into the Battle-Enter your initial competition in Cosmos Setting (Superstar Setting just).
  • The Alluring Force-Have at the very least 50 Momentum at any time in a competition in Cosmos Mode.
  • To the Champion go the Spoils-Choose your Outcome in a competition and also win the finale suit at a PLE in Universe (Super Star Mode).

MGM Trophies

  • Intrigue Battles Champion-Win 100 Faction Wars Matches in Faction.
  • Briefcase Winner-Win a Limited Time Briefcase in Faction.
  • Loyalty Confirmed-Earn a Loyalty Award in Faction.
  • Taste of Victory-Win a match in Faction.
  • An Appealing Start-Complete a Lifetime Obstacle in Faction.
  • Trip of a Lifetime-Complete 15 Lifetime Difficulties in Faction.
  • An Excellent Start-Complete a Proving Premises Tower in Faction.
  • Weekly Winner-Complete a Weekly Tower in Faction.
  • Daily Progress-Complete a Daily Difficulty in Faction.

  • Chapter and also Verse-Complete a Proving Grounds Chapter in Faction.

Jumping all of these trophies will require numerous walkthroughs as you seek to overcome the WWE landscape.

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