Terra Nile – Transform Desert Areas into Abundant Lands on PC – March 28, 2023 – Presented by Devolver Digital in June 2022

Presented by Revolver Digital in June 2022 and is a little revealed in a demo, Terra Nile has just fixed its release date on March 28.
Developed by Free Lives, the title will be available on PC and on iOS and Android via Netflix.
City-Builder eco-conscient, Terra Nile allows you to transform an arid desert into abundant ecosystem.
Thanks to advanced technology elements, it will be possible to purify the floors, clean the deal lessons, plant large forest and even reintroduce different animal species.


A terraformation planned so that you can leave without leaving any trace and providing an environment ready to accommodate new inhabitants.
Each card is generated procedurally and will allow you to discover different biomes.

So you can revive volcanic glaciers, ruined cities or tropical islands.
Once the 4 basic regions are completed, new alternative levels will unlock to provide you with other challenges to be met.


Characteristics of Terra Nil

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